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I’m so thankful for my boyfriend. He really is my rock and my everything.. People who have been married or old married couples always say “trust me, you’ll know when he’s the one.” And I know.. He’s helped me through so much ever since the day I met him and I couldn’t thank him enough. I mean every single word I say to or about him. I may be a bitch to him sometimes, but it’s just all fun and games and he knows that. That’s just our relationship, I’m a bitch and he’s an asshole back. We alwaaayyyys have perfect times together. We’ve had our rough patches but that’s just what makes us stronger. I’ve loved before, but this love I feel towards him is like no other. The moment I hear his name, his voice, or see him, my heart just starts racing and I get the biggest smile on my face. I’ve gone through some rough shit lately, and I end up taking my pain out on him and I just hate myself afterwards, but he deals with it because he knows I’m going through bad shit, and he just helps me through and loves me even more afterwards. I seriously could not be happier or ask for anyone better. He has my heart and I can finally and happily say I’m completely in love with him and I wouldn’t want it to be any other way. I know he probably won’t see this and no one will probably read this, but I really just needed to get that out and let someone know.. Again thank you for everything you’ve done for me and being the best boyfriend and best friend anyone could ever have.. I love you so much.


You canโ€™t tell me โ€œSeven Thingsโ€ by Miley Cyrus about Nick Jonas wasnโ€™t the holy grail of shade to your childhood. 16 year old Miley was breaking a guitar hero guitar, having close ups of her fiddling with his diabetes necklace, and scribbling out faces of Nick in photos of her and him all throughout that video. Disney Channel was a wild ride when Niley broke up.


I crave intimacy but I get confused and uncomfortable when Iโ€™m shown even the slightest bit of attention or affection.


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